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Sheet timing is about transfering precise information from the pre-production team in one country to the animation studio(s) in another. With references to the storyboard and thumb nail sketches, the sheet timer works out all the action, from the principle characters in the scene to background special effects and camera moves. A clear x-sheet will save tremendous cost in post-production, as less retakes are called for.


Sheet timing is the most requested service we offer. We have created x-sheets from a number of different source materials.


The Fantasic Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor had the  x-sheets created from a 'slugboard'.

The Likeaballs had its x-sheets created from an 'animatic'. 

The Fairy Tailer's x-sheets were created from a 'ref board'.


Every client has their preferred way of working, and it is our job to adapt our skills to the client's requirements!



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