The principle services offered by us are storyboarding, slugging and sheet timing.




This is the visualization of the script. It involves breaking up the story into readable sequences and scenes, told through pictures.  click here




This is when the storyboard is edited to the correct length of the show, by the director or the slugging director. The director checks for continuity through out the board, making sure the dialogue works with the appropriate scenes. The director times out all the principle actions in every scene and if the show is too long, must find sequences that can be deleated without disturbing the story telling. On the other hand, if the show is too short, the director has to find areas where he can either add new scenes or stretch out existing scenes, without slowing down the pace of the story. click here



Sheet timing:

Sheet timing is about transfering precise information from the pre-production team in one country to the animation studio(s) in another. With references to the storyboard and thumb nail sketches, the sheet timer works out all the action, from the principle characters in the scene to background special effects and camera moves. A clear x-sheet will save tremendous cost in post-production, as less re-takes are called for. click here



Sheet timing for 3D? click here



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